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Jean-Luc Lafarge - Montecristo's drummer

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Like everyone else, I started playing with an electronic drum set – the kind with the black rubber pads, which suited me just fine at the beginning ! However, as I progressed in my lessons on an acoustic set, I began to see differences in the feel the bounce, and the sensitivity between the two types of drum sets.

Being a lover of all musical instruments, I naturally decided to look into improving my electric set, and I found that mesh drum pads could be an excellent alternative to my rubber pads. But unfortunately, the prices at the music store brought me to a screeching halt in my excitement to buy the electronic drum set of my dreams ! And so, I started to think about making my own drums. And so, I did the unthinkable and reluctantly dismantled my Roland PDX-8, which had been my snare drum, in order to understand how it worked. Then and there, I realized that I, too, could make this myself !

After a few attempts, I managed to create a solid, reliable pad – and above all, one that left nothing to be desired, even next to pads on high-end electronic drum brands. And so, naturally, I decided to remake my own set ! And what a pleasure it was !

What a thrill ! I had managed to create this kit with great playing qualities and a very agreeable aesthetic, close to what you can find in top-end drum sets. And given their popularity among my fellow drummers, I decided to put my pads up for sale at the most reasonable price possible. And I hope that drummers like you will enjoy playing on my creations as much as I do !

They trusted me

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If you want to transform your acoustic drums, don't hesitate to ask for an estimate !


Complete electronic
drum set

If you fancy buying a complete set don't hesitate to email me for an estimate with the module, cymbals and pads of your choice.

Customize your Pads

On request , I can build all sorts of electronic tom (fittings, different rodhoid plastic and  sizes, feel free to express your creativity !)
Make your electronic drum  set look like a genuine acoustic set
Customize your electronic set is now possible !

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